You should not use a second form of formoterol, like foradil or performist or use a similar inhaled bronchodilator like salmeterol serevent, advair or arformoterol brovana unless your doctor has told you to do so.

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In popl with COPD, Advai is long-tm tatmnt. In popl with asthma, this mdicin is shot-tm tatmnt until symptoms a wll contolld with with oth mdicins.

Backach buising dakning th skin dcas in hight diaha diiculty with moving dizzinss acial hai gowth in mals ainting ast, slow, pounding, igula hatbat puls lushd, dy skin actus uit-lik bath odull ound ac, nck, tunk havy blding incasd hung incasd thist uination iitability lag, lat, blu, puplish patchs in th skin loss sxual dsi ability mnstual igulaitis mntal dpssion muscl pain stinss muscl wasting pain in th back, ibs, ams, lgs pain in th joints stomach pain swating unxplaind wight loss unusual tidnss waknss wight gain.

Advai is not a scu mdicin. It will not wok ast nough ttat an asthma bonchospasm attack.

I asthma symptoms ais in th piod btwn doss, an inhald, shot-acting bta 2 -agonist should b takn immdiat li.

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the following side effects are associated with advair diskus blister, with inhalation device selected from data included with permission and copyrighted.