You will need to discuss the benefits and risks of taking aricept while you are pregnant.

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Th most common advs cts causd by Aicpt codd in clinical tials includ nausa (sicknss), diaha, insomnia (toubl slping), vomiting, muscl camps, atigu, and anoxia (loss apptit).

Studis in animals hav not shown tatognic ct but hav shown p and post natal toxicity (s sction 5.3 pclinical saty data). Th potntial isk humans is unknown.

Th hav bn pots syncop and sizus. In invstigating such patints th possibility hat block long sinusal pauss should b considd.

Th Cost of aricept most common advs vnts a diahoa, muscl camps, atigu, nausa, vomiting and insomnia.

Swallow th 23-mg tablt whol; dnot split, cush chw it. Tll you docti you a unabl tswallow th tablt whol.

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if you require surgery, inform your doctor and surgeon that you are using aricept donepezil as precautions may need to be taken.