A census clerk called Herman Hollerith came up with a solution. He realised that he could adapt Jacquard and Babbage’s punch cards, using the new technology of electricity. Each person’s census data was encoded in a punched card. I kicked someone yesterday in KT and i did it right after another group broke horn so he will not have good enough reward level for 3 gold boxMoral of story is, i only ever kick rude person, and not bad player who tries hard and not rudeWas the person mining on their way to the fight or completely ignoring the fight to mine on the other side of the map? I never kicked anyone, but if they were on the other side of the map and never bothered coming closer, I say kicking is okay. I know I sometimes stop to grab something to complete a bounty or go out of my way for scatter nuts, but I still normally heading to the fight.As for the HH, I almost never see them, so i not sure how far they can reach. He landed at the location close to the dragon but then started making his way up hill.

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