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uk canada goose outlet Readers who already know about the thinking of workers such as Eric Davidson, Michael Lynch, Andreas Wagner, John Gerhart Marc Kirschner, or Scott Gilbert (all of whom, among many others, have recently expressed frank doubts about selection) must discount what you say about the centrality of natural selection to evolutionary theory because they know that just isn so.2. Readers who do not already know about Davidson, Lynch, etc. Upon coming across their ideas must canada goose outlet wonder why you told them that natural selection is the sine qua non canada goose outlet toronto factory of evolutionary explanation.Last Sunday, I gave a talk to several thousand people at Rick Warren church in southern California, where I made a case (a) that natural selection is quite real, but (b) that the process faces genuine limits, set by the logic of selection itself, to explain goose outlet canada macroevolution uk canada goose outlet.