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Bactoban (mupiocin) is an antibiotic that pvnts bactia om gowing on you skin.

Sious sid cts a not xpctd toccu with mupiocin topical thapy. Stop using Order trandate uses mupiocin topical and s you docti you xpinc unusual blisting, itching, dnss, pling, dynss, iitation th skin.

Polythyln glycol can b absobd om opn wounds and damagd skin and is xctd by th kidnys. In common with oth polythyln glycol basd ointmnts, mupiocin ointmnt should not b usd in conditions wh absoption lag quantitis polythyln glycol is possibl, spcially i th is vidnc modat sv nal impaimnt.

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