You should not use betnovate rd or dovonex on your face or genitals.

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Information about Betnovate.

A soft white cream with an odour faintly of chlorocresolFree from visible foreign contamination.

If you have any further questions on the use of this medicineask your doctor or pharmacist.

Do not worry if you find you need a little more or less than thisIt is flomax backorder only a rough guide.

I have pimples with marks I am using betnovate cream but only some what result I see may be there is another product?

Side effects are more likely with the stronger steroidswith large amounts appliedwith use for a long time and if the area being treated allows more drug penetratione.gthe facecovered areas or skin foldsThereforeit is recommended to use the mildest product that works for youto use moisturisersemollientsand soap substitutes to help the skinand to use for the shortest time you canUsually the steroid cream or ointment should be applied fairly thinly on the problem areaalthough sometimes your doctor may tell you to put more onIf a mild to moderate product is used for a relatively short timeside effects are uncommon.

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