It is best to take actoplus met xr with food in order to prevent stomach upset.

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You may xpinc blud vision, dizzinss, dowsinss du txtmly low high blood suga. Dnot div, us machiny, dany activity that quis altnss cla vision until you a su you can pom such activitis saly.

In phamacokintic studis with pioglitazon, nsigniicant dincs w obsvd in phamacokintic paamts btwn ldly and young patints [s CLINICAL PHAMACOLOGY ].

In contolld clinical tials mtomin, a dcas tsubnomal lvls pviously nomal sum vitamin B12 lvls, without clinical manistations, potd; ctain individuals (thos with inadquat vitamin B12 calcium intak absoption) appa tb pdisposd tdvloping subnomal vitamin B12 lvls; in ths patints, outin sum vitamin B12 masumnts at two- tth-ya intvals may b usul.

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actoplus met is an anti-hyperglycemic drug which is used for oral administration.