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The product essentially works by providing the body with phytoestrogens which act as natural selective estrogen receptor modulatorsSERMsThis means that it selectively inhibits or stimulates estrogen-like activity in various tissues throughout the body to alleviate the different symptoms of menopauseThis also helps normalize hormone levels in the body to provide relief to the different symptoms of menopauseIt also helps combat infections in Purchase lasunana the body and soothes inflammations that lead to menopause symptoms.

Menosan is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

The key ingredients of the menopause relief supplement are clinically tested for safety but the long term effects are still not clearTo prevent side effectsfollow the recommended dosage carefully or better yet consult a physician regarding the best dosage for your particular caseDo not use this supplement when taking other menopause relief drugs or supplements.

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Ashoka tree extract is one of the key ingredients of the menopause relief supplementThis natural ingredient has been shown to possess potent antimicrobial properties that fight common microorganisms which cause infections such as urinary tract infectionMost women in the postmenopausal stage have a very high cheap nicotinell gum risk of recurrent UTI because of the low level of estrogen in the bodyThe herb alleviates UTI along with its various symptoms.

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