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Standard drugs for Parkinson’s diseaseother than levodopa without a decarboxylase inhibitormay be used concomitantly while SINEMET is being administeredalthough dosage adjustments may be required.

Patients should be advised that sometimes awearing-offeffect may occur at the end of the dosing intervalThe physician should be notified if such response poses a problem to lifestyle.

As with levodopacare should be exercised in administering SINEMET to patients with a history of myocardial infarction who have residual atrialnodalor ventricular arrhythmiasIn such patientscardiac function should be monitored with particular Social anxiety disorder and celexa care during the period of initial dosage adjustmentin a facility with provisions for intensive cardiac care.

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the possibility that the patient may have taken other drugs as well as sinemet should be taken into consideration.