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I was at Barneys yesterday and saw an amazing array of new bags from Lanvin for Spring! It’s been a few months since we have featured Lanvin (even though I adore Alber Elbaz and have a closet full of Lanvin dresses) because their bags last season lacked inspiration (and had so many returns due to faulty hardware!). For Spring handbags , however, the line gets an overhaul. Though Lanvin bag designs were always stylish and fresh, the functionality and quality did not quite translate as well. I am excited to see the bags that would droop when full are now slightly structured, considerably lightened, and the chains improved. In all fairness, it does take a few seasons for a new bag line to work out the kinks and I think they’ve finally got it! The “Happy” bag above is indeed a happy sight. What could be more cheerful than a cheery white bag? I saw this in person and dutifully played with the clasps, pulled at the chains (with leather pads so the chains won’t hurt your bare shoulders!) and tag to ensure its sturdiness and stuffed my things inside to see how it held up and am ‘happy’ to report it all stands up to Bag Snob par. The best part is the very durable white leather that will clean much easier than lambskin. 13″x8″ is also the perfect size to wear with your breezy summer frocks! $1 ,795 at Barneys New York- or call Greg 469.221.4700

omg tina…that is so funny! i was just thinking about the Lanvin spring collection and how ultra fab it is! my fave is the large pampa shopper!

thank you! I think I’ve met my perfect summer white bag! I got the doheny clutch but this is totally different so it’s okay to buy two white bags in one season right?

Hi Janine,

You can absolutely buy more than one white bag- I use them how often can i buy alavert d all year round. There is nothing more chic than a winter white bag ?Yi??i??

I know you will enjoy it!

ALBERT ELBAZ!!!!! not elber albaz.

Hi Berenice,

it is Alber

there is no T in his name.

It is an Israeli name.

Totally cute!

The clasps are bang on trend yet the bag looks effortlessly stylish and classy.

awesomely cute! but the gold chain

Will the gold plated finish wear off? or rust?

is it a leather one ?

Lanvin Happy Bag

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