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As expected, pretty much every single item from the beyond-anticipated Isabel Marant for H&M collection has sold out in minutes online. The goods went on sale at 12 p.m, and we decided to do a check at 12:30 , only to be placed in a virtual queue.A few mintes later, we were in butai??i??surprise, surpriseai??i??couldn’t find one single thing to buy except a boring white long-sleeve shirt and a basic grayAi??athleticAi??sweatshirt.Ai??Yes best replica hermes sandals , within the span of 45 minutes, just about every pieceai??i??including belts and braceletsai??i??was gone with the wind.The good news: We hit an invite-only pre-shop event earlier this week and found the sizing to be tiny (one of our editors who’s normally a US size 4 had to size up to a 12), so odds are a lot of returns will be coming in. Plus, there’s always eBay.Did you manage to snagAi??anything? Let us know what you got!


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The End: Every Online Item From Isabel Marant x H&M Sold Out in Minutes

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