They just copied the genius of Westworld that Ford and Arnold created and put it into different themes and settings. I would compare it to something that happens all of the time in the video game industry:Ford and Arnold make an amazing game engine (the host/storyline tech), and they use it to create a legendary game (Westworld).The initial game is a hit, and it makes the investors tons of money. Customers and investors say: “Give us more Westworld! Make it the same, but different!”To please crowds and investors without breaking the bank, they use the Westworld to create other theme parks.

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beach dresses Ava GardnerBorn and raised in the rural south, Ava was signed to a Hollywood contract at the age of 18, based solely on a photograph her photographer brother took. She spent three years doing bit parts until 1946, when she stared in Whistle Stop. Though she didn’t leave a big legacy of great films, she did give several great performances in movies such as The Killers in 1946, Mogambo in 1953 and Night of the Iguana in 1964 beach dresses.