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canadian goose jacket Lousy with errors and failing even at the one useful thing it could have done, this is not a book I can recommend.As you may know from the publicity and from Ehrman HuffPo precis, his book claims that there was indeed one historical person around whom the Jesus myth coalesced, though Ehrman rejects claims that this Jesus was the son of God, a canada goose outlet sale miracle worker, or in any way divine. But he vigorously attacks who think that there was no one historical person on which Christianity is based and goes after new atheists as well, whom he compares canada goose outlet jackets to fundamentalists in their dogmatism. (Carrier is a mythicist.) In general, Carrier faults the book not just for poor and selective scholarship, but for poor writing:Carrier criticizes Ehrman book on several grounds:The book is filled with factual errors. canadian goose jacket

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