You can take rocaltrol if you are breast-feeding.

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Since calcitriol is the most effective vitamin D metabolite availableno other vitamin D preparation should be prescribed during treatment with Rocaltrolthereby ensuring that the development of hypervitaminosis D is avoided.

Bile acid sequestrants including cholestyramine and sevelamer can reduce intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and therefore may impair intestinal absorption of calcitriol.

Blood testsCalcitriol causes changes to the amounts of calciummagnesiumand phosphate in the bloodYour doctor will schedule regular blood tests to ensure that the levels of these minerals continue to be appropriate while you are taking this medication.

Calcitriol is used to help increase the amount of calcium in the blood and help with proper bone formation for people with chronic kidney failure that are undergoing dialysisIt is also used to increase the amount of calcium in the blood for people whose parathyroid glands are not working effectivelysuch as after surgeryCalcitriol may also be used to treat vitamin D-resistant buy isoniazid drug ricketsa bone disease caused by too little vitamin D.

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