I have tried effexor, because my medical doesnt cover pristiq, but i had lots a bad side effects.

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Desvenlafaxine can cause nauseaheadachesanxietyinsomniadrowsinessconstipationweaknessdry mouthsweatingdiarrheaand loss of appetiteIncreased blood pressure can occur and should be monitoredSeizures have been reportedSexual dysfunctiondecreased sex drive and delayed orgasm and ejaculationhas been associated with desvenlafaxineDesvenlafaxine and other SNRIs may increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Eye conditionsDesvenlafaxine has been associated with dilation of the pupilIf you have elevated pressure in the eye or are at risk of developing narrow-angle glaucomayour doctor will monitor your condition closely.

KetoconazoleNizoralExtinaXolegelKuricmay reduce the breakdown of desvenlafaxinetherefore increasing concentrations of desvenlafaxine in the body and the risk of adverse effectsDesvenlafaxine may reduce the concentration do you need a prescription for generic singulair of midazolamVersed

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she put me on 50 mg of pristiq, then increased the dose progressively eventually to 150 mg and the depression lifted.