Clinical trials, erosive esophagitis healing rates in the 107 elderly patients 65 years old treated with protonix were similar to those found in patients under the age of 65.

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In adultssymptomatic response to therapy with Protonix I.Vdoes not preclude the presence of gastric malignancyConsider additional follow-up and diagnostic testing in adult patients who have a suboptimal response or an early symptomatic relapse after completing treatment with a PPIIn older patientsalso consider an endoscopy.

Confusiondepressionhallucinationsand disorientationespecially in predisposed patientshas occurred with useand was aggravated in patients with preexisting conditionsRef]

Diarrhea occurred most frequently in patients given quadruple therapypantoprazolethe active ingredient contained in Protonixbismuthmetronidazoletetracyclinefor Helicobacter pylori infectionsbut was also very common in triple therapypantoprazoleamoxicillinclarithromycin

Preparation and Administration Instructions for Pathological Hypersecretion Including Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome.

2Inspect the diluted Protonix I.Vsolution visually for particular matter and discoloration prior to and during administration.

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in this multicenter, pharmacodynamic crossover study, a 40 mg oral dose of protonix for delayed-release oral suspension administered in a teaspoonful of applesauce was compared with a 40 mg oral dose of protonix delayed-release tablets after administration of each formulation once daily for 7 days.