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In very rare casesintestinal obstruction and ileus/subileus have been observed in patients during treatment with sevelamer hydrochlorideConstipation may be a preceding symptomPatients who are constipated should be monitored carefully while being treated with sevelamer hydrochlorideRenagel treatment should be re-evaluated in patients who develop severe constipation or other severe gastrointestinal symptoms.

The safety of sevelamer hydrochloride has not been established in Cat costa gasex pregnant womenIn animal studies there was no evidence that sevelamer induced embryo-foetal toxicityRenagel should only be given to pregnant women if clearly needed and after a careful risk/benefit analysis has been conducted for both the mother and the foetussee section 5.3

Before taking Renageltell your doctor if you are taking ciprofloxacinCiproa heart rhythm medicationor a seizure medication.

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