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canada goose It another to actually help them make those arguments.The cases are superficially similar, but there a huge difference.Dawkins and PZ are taking theist claims at face value and demonstrating the obvious and inescapable contradictions those claims lead to when compared with observed evidence.Rosenau and Ruse are taking theist arguments at face value and proposing canada goose outlet in canada that theist excuses and special pleadings for why it not important that those claims contradict observed evidence have merit.Dawkins would observe that the toys Santa delivers have IN CHINA stickers on them; PZ would observe that plenty of nice children aren visited by Santa and lots of really naughty children are.Rosenau and Ruse would argue that, in the context of the canada goose outlet online store story, Santa gifts are metaphorical, and the state of naughtiness and nicetude is somehow transcendental and related to the numbers of angels dancing under the hats of microcephalics; therefore, we shouldn consider those valid arguments against intercontinental reindeer powered sled based toy delivery systems (though they never seen any such UFOs, themselves).No, they not deciding what one or more gods would do. They canada goose outlet hong kong taking theist claims of the properties and behaviors of various gods and showing how the evidence indicates that those claims cannot possibly be true.It Rosenau and Ruse who making up shit about how this god hates all people, not just fags, while this other god spectacular grand entrance went perfectly unnoticed for generations for entirely understandable reasons.What Dawkins and PZ are doing is my website elementary science. An canada goose clothing uk hypothesis was proposed; they made relevant observations, found the observations to contradict the hypothesis, and therefore rejected the hypothesis.What Rosenau and Ruse are doing isn even properly considered theology canada goose.