It a wrestling show directed by the same guy who made from Dusk till Dawn featuring dragon men, a guy from outerspace, a cannibal monster, multiple undead people, undercover cops, masked bikers, aztec warriors, vampires and much more, all taking place in an underground fight club, while the actual wrestling portion of the show is pretty exclusively high octane action used to drive stories but best of all it all self contained and has a definitive episode one so you can start there and need no previous knowledge. The best description I heard of it so far is it what Mortal Kombat would be like if it were a live action show.If you want a more independent/normal wrestling style and don mind doing a little research, Chikara is another place that has a more story/character focused product that a cheap artane side little more out landish and crazy but ultimately worth the watch and they have their own streaming service called chikaratopia. Now if you want a pure wrestling product that has a definitive start I believe there is a UK based promotion called Progress that does their shows in chapters and has their own streaming service as well..

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