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canada goose uk outlet “It was an accident,” Eaton says. But one she learned from. “I adore yoga, but you have to be mindful when doing these things.”. (And, to be sure, Franken transgressions appear, right now, to be less severe.) But should we take canada goose outlet nyc politics into account when calling for punishment? If deterrence of others and reformation of the miscreant are part of goose outlet canada the goals of punishment, why would the deterrence be less with a Left wing harasser than one on the Right? And I find it hard to believe that Left wing sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein are more than those on the right.But I digress. The point is that when blatant caricature becomes indistinguishable from political reality, and hoaxes come to look like the truth, something is off kilter.Reader Bob Murray noted this yesterday in the post on creationism vs. Evolution, but it went virtually unnoticed canada goose uk outlet.