This drama is not worth anyone’s time. The plots are worse than child’s play, the characters are one dimentional and doesnt have any growth or depth. The ending is stupid (for JSW’s character), it would probably induce high blood pressure. This is a necessary process, of course, because information is needed before deciding. That said, the proposal is not close to mustering a Congressional majority. Michael Kitces has a nice, detailed review of the proposal.

beach dresses FFO per diluted share was roughly flat for the quarter at $0.165. AFFO per share increased 0.6 to 18.2 primarily due to lower G this quarter, which I will discuss next and lower property operating expenses of $830,000. G decreased $3.1 million to $15.2 million versus $18.3 million for the fourth quarter, mostly due to higher year end compensation related items that have been recorded in Q4.. beach dresses

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