Rare post-marketing reports suggest that drinking alcohol while on wellbutrin can cause acute episodes of neuropsychiatric events.

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If a person taking Wellbutrin has collapsed or is not breathingcall 911 immediately.

AWhen antidepressants or other medicines for mental illnesses are stopped abruptlysymptoms may return and the illness may be harder to treatIn additionwithdrawal symptoms are possibleA review of medical literature showed a report of withdrawal symptoms in a person being treated with bupropionWellbutrinThe symptoms included irritable moodanxietysleeplessnessheadacheand generalized aches and painsTo relieve these symptomsthe doctors treating this can i get cleocin over the counter patient restarted bupropion and then slowly tapered the dose down over 2 to 3 weeks1According to the package insertthere have been rare reports of adverse neuropsychiatric events or reduced alcohol tolerance in patients who were drinking alcohol during treatment with WellbutrinThe consumption of alcohol during treatment with Wellbutrin should be minimized or avoidedFor more informationplease consult with your health care providerRegardsMichelle McDermottPharmD.

AWellbutrinbupropionis an antidepressant medicationIt is used to treat major depression and seasonal affective disorderCommon side effects of Wellbutrin include weight changesloss or gainheadacheinsomnianauseavomitingconstipationdry mouthdizzinesstremorsappetite changesincreased sweatingand loss of interest in sexConsult your doctor if weight loss continues or becomes severeThis is not a complete list of the side effects associated with WellbutrinSarah LewisPharmD.

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