Calculators allowed calculus, thst wasn the case for cbse.Physics lab, in college we didn have to memorize the experiments. Our grade was based on how you conducted the experiments and even if you got the wrong results and explained where you made a mistake you will still be graded good. Whereas in cbse the emphasis was more on getting the right results! 1Oh yeah defnietely.

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beach dresses The main characters include Gunner “Lofty” Sugden, a short, fat soldier who wears a pith helmet and possesses an incredible singing voice; Gunner “Parky” Parkin, a young recruit who, though eager, is slightly bumbling and has very little aptitude for the theatre; Gunner “La de dah”/”Paderewski” Graham, a bald headed and intelligent Oxford graduate who plays the piano; Gunner “Atlas” Mackintosh, a short tempered Scotsman who specialises in feats of strength; Gunner “Nobby” Clark, a not very bright soldier who does bird calls and whistling acts; and Gunner “Nosher” Evans, a soldier who does a paper tearing act and tends to eat a lot, spraying food whenever he speaks. Rounding out the enlisted crew are Bombardier “Solly” Solomons, a soldier from London, who is a former theatrical agent, a Jew; and Gunner “Gloria” Beaumont, an effeminate, cowardly soldier who specialises in performing female roles in drag (as there are no women assigned to the Concert Party). Beaumont is later promoted to Bombardier after Solly is demobbed and sent back to Britain beach dresses.