A little late, but there’s a south park episode explaining how the unpopular kids put all their efforts into developing a personality. Those activities you mention will make of your son a complete adult. The mean kids will eventually realise the experience of being a cool 13 year old is worthless and will have to play catch up to your son.

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Books can all line up in a donation box together. Clothes drop easily into a clean bag. But random household objects don all stack up together. Not mindful of this, Roger Kelke, Master and the Fellows of Magdalene College, Cambridge sold some of its land (at St Botolph’s Aldgate in London) to Queen Elizabeth I. The queen then granted the land to Benedict Spinola, a Genoese merchant. It was generally thought among those preparing and signing these conveyancing deeds that the transfer to the Queen or transfer from the Queen would amount to an unwritten exception, allowing for new unimpeachable title (ownership).

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