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canada goose coats on sale The first premise is that everything must have a cause. The argument is not tautological. If there is one thing that doesn have a cause the first premise is false and the argument collapses. Angy and I had a mutual friend who had introduced us. They were once comrades, and a few weeks earlier he’d said to me: ‘I just came back from Cape Town and the craziest things have been happening to a friend of mine.’Angy had been involved in activist work that took the rise of vigilante attacks in the townships of Cape Town as the symptom of systemic problems with the justice system, problems which could, her organisation argued, be addressed. Then she was accused of committing a vigilante murder herself, and arrested and charged by the same system she was trying to reform.At the safe house where Angy and Isaac were living, I felt canada goose outlet uk sale embarrassed when Angy answered the door. canada goose coats on sale

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